Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Józef Zajączek - a famous general in Opatówek

Opatówek ( county of Kalisz) –
in 1807 granted by Napoleon to General Józef Zajączek, later governor of the Kingdom of Poland. Józef Zajączek took part in the Kościuszko Insurrection and the Napoleonic wars.
In 1809-1826 he resided in the (today non-extant)palace, on whose frontage he placed the inscription Magni Napoleonis donum (Gift of the great Napoleon).
The general was buried in a chapel of the Neo-Gothic church of the Holy Heart of the Lord Jesus.
His wife,who at the age of eighty still stirred fervent affection among young
admirers, also became a historical figure of sorts; the secret of her beauty
supposedly lay in the lumps of ice always kept under her bed.
The historical town has preserved a unique Classical complex: tollgates, a
school, grange buildings, and a park (14, 9 hectares). Another object
worth visiting is the Industry Historical Museum (in the picture)in a Classical building of the former cloth works belonging to General Zajączek.

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